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I would like to suggest giving the video below a watch if you clicked on this page. Christina Lopes is an amazing spiritual advisor and one of my mentors, even if she doesn't know it! She has so much practical and actionable material on her channel so definitely check out all her other videos as well. Now, I need you to know that during a spiritual awakening, dark night of the soul can get pretty dark indeed so if you are having any serious issues dealing with life, please, PLEASE reach out to someone who can help. If I am not available, or you do not feel comfortable reaching out to me, then click the button below. Please know you are not alone and many others have been where you are. I certainty have! Unfortunately, my dark night of the soul lasted over 10 years! I wish I knew then what I know now! There are so many ways to break out and propel through it much, much quicker! I can help you find out what those options are and we can decide which is best for you, together. 

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