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Having some strange activity? Odd feelings you can't explain? Or do you wish to connect with a passed on loved one? You're in the right place!

Hey! Thanks for checking out my little corner of the site! My name is Tim, I'm Kryst Kay's husband and partner in spiritual education. We often work together, side by side and we're fully equipped to preform an investigation for you!  We are passionate about helping both the living and those that have crossed over. We set out to investigate Paranormal & Spiritual activity for validation as well a​s Cleanse locations upon your request. We are both highly in tuned with our spiritual gifts and we do offer message services as well to connect you to your crossed over loved ones. Our message services are not only done with intuitive abilities, but we are also able to use scientific equipment to show when an entity is present. Call the number above or click the button below to learn more on our Facebook page.

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