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How Psychedelic therapy can help you


Psychedelic therapy can do what years and years of traditional therapy does in a matter of months, sometimes days.



While working with the powerful light of Plant

Medicine, it's common that dark corners of our psyche can be illuminated. The

opportunity to recognize these under-acknowledged parts of ourselves is often

where the deepest healing begins. This can go quite deep for people and can

look different to each of us as individuals who come from different situations,

backgrounds, and carry different wounds. Often it was not always a conscious

decision that was made to ignore these aspects of ourselves. Strong traumas

that we have suffered can influence us

on a daily basis. Whether physical, emotional or sexual. Whether something

happened to us during adulthood, adolescence, childhood, birth or beyond to

our generational traumas or perhaps deep soul or collective traumas, all of it

has the potential to burden us and effect us in ways we may not even be

consciously aware of.

When the shadows come to the surface in ceremony it can be our first reaction

to want to turn our heads away from them and shew them away. It's part of this

journey to have the willingness to meet them, and truly investigate what they are

and the power they have over you. They have developed for one reason or

another, and exploring them can reveal the core of where your healing needs to

take place. For many people, that core goes back into our childhood, and our

behaviors reflect the traumas we experienced often times before we can even

remember. This work is not all about surrender though, at a certain point you

have to choose to raise above the energies that hold you down.

Shadow work is counterintuitive; we turn towards pain, not away from it. We

access that place of pain within us and slowly bring it into the open, becoming

acquainted and then intimate with it until the estranged pain is not a dreaded “it,”

but a reclaimed “us.”

Plant medicine healing is a journey to the heart of what really matters – an

opportunity to face and integrate our shadow, transmuting trapped energies and

making them available for life-affirming purposes. The medicine helps us search

for the keys where they have been lost – in the darkness. True healing with plant

medicine can be very hard work, requiring courage to face fears, determination,

and commitment to your healing journey. Plant medicine is also an amplifier that

will bring to the surface patterns and programs that do not serve you.

Most essentially, it signals turning to face the shadow, all the forgotten,

repressed, unseen and un-integrated psychic material we’ve left behind in the

process of growing up and into the world. Shadow work deliberately evokes that

which we want to keep hidden. We all have shadows, and we must meet them in

full consciousness, or else become their victims.

Plant Medicine has an uncanny ability to dive directly into the depths of psyche

and unearth exactly what we need to see at a particular moment. Foremost

among the things it brings to light are the feelings, thoughts, and memories we

dare not acknowledge; the parts of ourselves we hide or deny. Our shadow may

include anger, sexuality, or fear; shame, judgment, or envy—or perhaps passion,

curiosity, joy, or tenderness, for the shadow has a bright face as well.

““The shadow is the seat of creativity,” wrote Carl Jung, who pioneered this


Developing a relationship with these exiled parts of ourselves and bringing

them into consciousness is a life’s work, the Opus Magnus of the ancient

alchemists. Counterintuitively, it requires we turn towards the pain, moving

deep into the source of difficult emotion and liberating the vital energy

trapped within. The dark needs to be brought into the light of

consciousness and integrated, not rejected, transcended, or


The ability to understand and work with shadow is an essential aspect of

the integration process. In some mysterious fashion, shadow feeds the

light, and it is by bringing the dark to the light of consciousness, loving it,

and releasing it that we support plant medicine’s profoundly transformative

effects on psyche, soul and spirit.

Recognizing and acknowledging these parts of ourselves is like welcoming

them back to the light of our awareness. Back home to our wholeness. Any

part of us that has been hurt, neglected, betrayed, deceived etc. has

suffered and may have, in its own way, lost its faith in the goodness of

people and humanity, and of itself. It's own forgotten divine nature. When

we meet our shadows from an empowered place, with all of the care and

compassion, understanding and patience, and genuine love that they

deserve yet have not entirely received, our own light and divine nature

essentially allows the shadow to reintegrate back into it's own divinity as it is

embraced and reminded of it's worthiness to be loved. Whether this means

going back to offer safety to an inner child who is afraid, or forgiving our

past deeds and imperfections, or that of others who have hurt us. Our

perspective is that the pain we feel in ourselves is what enables us to hurt

others, and that as we rise above our negative side, to meet our shadows

with our many potential and innate positive virtues we can create true and

lasting healing within ourselves and with those around us. 

I'm a certified Psychedelic therapist and coach. I cannot directly provide psychedelic substances.**

**A couple of things to keep in mind:

This information is for educational research, and harm reduction purposes only.

If you do decide to engage in illegal activities (which I do not condone), please be careful, safe, and discreet.

You are responsible for your actions and associated risks.


**Psychedelics are still federally controlled substances and you assume all the risks associated with possessing and consuming these medicines. Burdens for Blessings by Kryst Kay LLC does not provide psychoactive or controlled substances nor am I a licensed therapist, counselor, or medical professional.  I am an advocate for harm reduction and am offering trip sitting & integration coaching services.**


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